DIR's AB 1513 Info Webpage

California's Dept. of Industrial Relations (DIR) has recently announced their new informational webpage to assist employers impacted by AB 1513, the Safe Harbor legislation for employers who have paid piece-rate.  Such employers may have retro-active liability for unpaid rest or recovery periods, and other non-productive time.
The web page
includes information on and links to:

Text of AB 1513
AB 1513 Fact Sheet
AB 1513 FAQs
AB 1513 Power Point Presentation
Piece-Rate Back Pay Election Form (Labor Code §226.2(b)(3) notice) – due by July 1, 2016
List of Employers who have a submitted a Notice of Election to Make Back Payments

Interestingly, there are already two employers listed as having submitted their notice to make back payments.  Neither of them are agricultural employers.