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Coffee with a Cal/OSHA Defense Attorney

Lost in a maze of federal, state, county, and local directives regarding COVID-19, wildfire smoke, heat illness prevention, and other regulations? Participate in this interactive discussion with an attorney focusing on Cal/OSHA inspections and citations. Bring your questions and learn how to navigate challenges posed by the increasingly aggressive Cal/OSHA enforcement and avoid potentially severe consequences.

Presenter:  Fred Walters- Of Counsel, Conn Maciel Carey LLP


Anatomy of a CA Wage & Hour Class Action and Best Practices

Employers are seeing an uptick in single plaintiff and representative action litigation with wage and hour claims. What are the common violations triggering these claims, and what can you do now to protect your business from costly litigation? 

Presenter: Rebecca Hause-Schultz- Of Counsel, Fisher Phillips


New Hire Orientation- Beyond the Checklist

Each new employee has potential to be an asset or a liability for your operations. Set your team up for success with an effective orientation to better prepare and even retain staff. Learn about the best practices and strategies to create a solid foundation to develop your personnel and your business.

Presenter: Tina Huff- Chief People Officer, Duncan Family Farms


Preparando para 2022: Leyes y Regulaciones

La pandemia trajo una serie de leyes y regulaciones nuevas que presentan desafíos y obligaciones legales para empleadores. Esta sesión abordará las implicaciones prácticas del aumento de salarios mínimos, disminución de horas regulares de trabajo, políticas de licencia ampliadas, CalSavers, el aumento de autoridad del comisionado laboral y más.

Presentador: Gerardo Hernandez- Socio, Littler


Cal/OSHA Part I: COVID-19 Impacts

As we forge ahead through the pandemic, wading through continually evolving regulations, knowledge becomes our greatest asset. This session will help you understand the nuts and bolts of the relevant regulations and what inspectors are looking for. Keep your business and staff safe!


Bill Krycia, MPH, CIH,- Senior Safety & Health Consultant, Zenight Insurance

Michael Miiller- Director of Government Relations, CA Assoc. of Winegrape Growers

Business Succession Planning in Ag

When it’s time to move on or if something happens unexpectedly, do you have a plan? Lay the groundwork for a seamless transition- not upheaval and turmoil. Learn what succession planning means in practice and how to prepare future leaders with crucial skills and knowledge.

Presenter: Adam Kantrovich- Assoc. Professor Agribusiness, Clemson Univ. Extension


Cal/OSHA Parte I: Impactos de COVID-19

Mientras avanzamos a través de la pandemia, abriéndo paso a través de regulaciones en evolución continua, el conocimiento se convierte en nuestro mayor herramienta.  Esta sesión lo ayudará a comprender los aspectos básicos de las reglamentaciones pertinentes y lo que buscan los inspectores. ¡Mantenga su negocio y su personal seguros!


Teresa Andrews- Especialista de Educación y Alcance, UCD WCAHS

Erika Velazquez- Ejecutiva de Cuentas, Relation Insurance


Federal FLC Licensing with DOL Wage & Hour Division

FLCs continue to face challenges submitting federal FLC/E applications with the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD). WHD just announced three new forms for filing, renewing, or amending applications for FLC or FLCE Certificates of Registration. Join us to learn more about these latest changes and tips on how to best navigate the application process.

Presenter: Ricke Branum- Certificate Processing Specialist, USDOL, Wage & Hour, Farm Labor Certification


2022 ACA Compliance and Penalty Update– What's in Store for Ag Employers

The current administration has implemented more changes to the Affordable Care Act this year than in the last 4 years combined.  Enforcement is stricter, more penalties and complicated guidelines.  Make your that your ACA compliance strategy is in place and avoid cost IRS penalties.

Presenter: Bob Gardner- President, Innovative Health Insurance Advisors


Cumplimiento Proactivo: Procedimientos de Auditoría Interna

Empleadores de California necesitan navegar en un entorno regulatorio complejo que a menudo puede ser confuso e incluso exasperante. No se arriesgue sanciones que puedan tener un impacto financiero masivo en su empresa: sea proactivo. Descubra cómo puede asegurarse de que sus políticas y procedimientos sean seguros, eficaces, y en cumplimiento usando las auditorías internas como herramienta.

Presentadora: Maria Arreguin- Risk Compliance Management


Take a 15-minute break after a morning full of expert analyses and insights and bring lunch to enjoy with our premier keynote speaker.


Follow the Money- The Economic Forecast for California Ag is...

Presentado con interpretación simultánea

California continues to lead the nation in agricultural production, but how long will that last? How will it change in the coming years?  Follow the money to see where the investments are being made, the value of farm properties, the trends in R&D investments, changes in agricultural commodities, and in our various import and export markets. What does this mean for the future of agricultural employment and how FLCs and growers might adapt to succeed in the future.

Keynote Speaker

Curt Covington- Senior Director of Institutional Lending at AgAmerica Lending


State FLC Licensing with DIR

COVID-19 has had a severe impact on state FLC licensing processes and procedures. FLCs face extensive delays, rolling temporary extensions, and long waitlists for licensing exams. Learn what’s going on at the Department of Labor Standards Enforcement Division plus their recommendations to help FLCs navigate the process for licensure renewal.


Tanya Vargas- DLSE DIR

Mary Lou Mahan- FLC Licensing Division Coordinator, DLL Insurance


Proactive Compliance: Internal Audit Procedures

Employers in California must navigate a complex regulatory environment that can often be confusing and even infuriating. Don’t risk penalties that can have massive financial impacts to your business- be proactive! Learn how you can ensure your policies and procedures are safe, effective, and compliant using internal audits as a tool.

Presenter: Maria Arreguin- Risk Compliance Management


Desarollo de Relaciones de Contratista - Cliente

En la construcción de nuevas relaciones o fortaleciendo las antiguas, tener buena comunicación con clientes es clave. Aprenda lo que productores busquen y consejos sobre cómo explicar conceptos críticos en el empleo conjunto, regulaciones/requisitos de cumplimiento en evolución constante, y el costo de realizar buenos negocios.


Joe del Bosque- Del Bosque Farms

Nicolas Cornejo- Clendenen Vineyard Management

Sirilo Cornejo- Clendenen Vineyard Management


Unpacking the Biden Administration's Proposed H-2A Wage Rule

In December of 2020, the Trump administration’s Department of Labor announced a new rule revising the methodology for calculating the H-2A Visa Program’s Adverse Effect Wage Rate (AEWR). However, a U.S. District Court judge blocked the amended AEWR from taking effect. Nearly a year later, the Biden administration has announced its intention to release its own AEWR wage rule. This session will examine the ramifications of the proposed changes to the AEWR.

Presenter: Shawn Packer- Principal member, JPH Law Firm


Assessing HR Management Systems

With so many potential solutions to human capital management systems, where is the best place to start? What should you be looking for to capture what is necessary for your operational needs? Which team members should you involve in the process? What are common pitfalls and how do you avoid avoid them? Learn from the experience of others on what worked and what hindsight taught them.

Presenter: Tina Huff- Chief People Officer, Duncan Family Farms


Gestión de Horas Extraordinarias y la Escasez de Mano de Obra

Con la semana laboral de 40 horas a la vuelta de la esquina, ¿cómo puede ajustar y compensar para seguir siendo eficaz y competitivo con la economía enfrentando una escasez significativa de mano de obra? Esta sesión revisará diferentes estrategias para gestionar los nuevos requisitos de pago de horas extraordinarias y los desafíos que presenta un mercado laboral ajustado.

Presentador: Gerardo Hernandez- Socio, Littler

Thursday, November 18


CFLCA Annual Membership Meeting

Closed to the public

This session is limited to CFLCA members only! Learn about CFLCA’s successes, challenges, and opportunities for growth in 2022. 

Cal/OSHA Part II: Worker Safety

As COVID-19 dominates the news, worker safety issues are still as important as ever. Get an update on the regulations for heat illness, wildfire smoke, night work requirements, and more. Attend this session and learn how to limit your liabilities, ensure workers are safe and productive, and prevent adverse actions by Cal/OSHA.

Presenter: Bill Krycia, MPH, CIH,- Senior Safety & Health Consultant, Zenight Insurance


Best Practices in Workplace Sexual Harassment Investigations

When an incident occurs an investigation can provide critical information to identify causes, help determine corrective actions, as well as satisfy legal obligations. How should you respond to complaints or incidents? When should an external investigator be brought in versus internal? How can you conduct investigations effectively and in a timely fashion? Join for answers to these and your own questions.

Presenter: Raul Calvo- Employer Services

Amenaza Triple: Acoso Sexual, Calor, Salarios y Horas

Contratistas enfrentas muchos desafíos para cumplir bien con todas las leyes y regulaciones. En particular las tres áreas que presentan mayores riesgos son con respeto a regulaciones de acoso sexual, prevención de enfermedades a causa del calor, y salarios y horas. Esta sesión revisará los puntos claves de estas áreas precarias y como puede mantenerse en cumplimiento y no arriesgar sanciones y multas graves.

Presentadora: Anais Mora- Abogada Asociada, JRG Attorneys


Preparing for 2022: Laws & Regulations

The pandemic mandated a wide range of laws and regulations, presenting challenges and liabilities for employers. This session will address the new federal vaccination mandate for large employers (more than 100 workers),  legal issues arising from vaccine mandates, decreasing regular work hours starting in 2022, expanded leave policies, CalSavers, recent caselaw regarding arbitration agreements and more…

Presenter: Jim Gumberg- Partner, Patane Gumberg Avila LLP

After the Accident

Workplace accidents will always impact a business. Even the most proactive and compliant business will experience an episode of this type. If an accident does occur, what should you as an organization, manager, crew leader, and employee do to to protect the affected staff, yourself and in turn the organization? Learn effective steps to take in order to minimize the effects of these often felt setbacks.

Presenter: Max Macas- Sr. Loss control Consultant, Alliant Insurance Services Inc.


Cal/OSHA Parte II: Seguridad del Trabajador

Aunque COVID-19 domina las noticias, otras cuestiones de seguridad de trabajadores siguen siendo tan importantes como siempre. Obtenga una actualización sobre las regulaciones para enfermedades a causa del calor, humo de incendios forestales, requisitos de trabajo en horas de oscuridad, y más. Asista a esta sesión y aprenda cómo limitar sus responsabilidades, garantizar que los trabajadores estén seguros y productivos, y prevenir acciones adversas por parte de Cal/OSHA.

Presentadora: Diana Tejeda-Guzman- Senior Safety & Health Consultant, The Zenith


Developing FLC - Client Relations

Whether building new relationships or strengthening old ones, effective communication with clients is key. Learn what producers are looking for and tips on how to explain critical concepts in joint employment issues, evolving regulations/compliance requirements, and the cost of doing good business.


Jeff Wenger- Vice President and Risk & Compliance Manager, HNRG

Peter Nissen- President, Nissen Vineyard Services

Erica Rosasco- Partner, McKague Rosasco LLP


Clarifying Protected Leave Laws

Paid Family Leave, sick leave, pregnancy leave, and expanded federal sick leave for COVID-19; the regulations under a variety of state and federal laws are complex and changing. Understand the latest on what is available, required, and recommended to be prepared when employee indicates they need time off.

Presenter: Susan Hatmaker- Attorney, Hatmaker Law Group


Licencias Federales de FLC con DOL División de Horas y Salarios

Contratistas siguen enfrentando desafíos al presentar solicitudes federales FLC o FLCE ante la División de Horas y Salarios (WHD) del Departamento de Labor. WHD acaba de anunciar tres formularios nuevos para presentar, renovar, o enmendar solicitudes de Certificados de Registro FLC o FLCE. Únase a nosotros para obtener más información sobre estos últimos cambios y para obtener consejos sobre cómo navegar mejor el proceso de solicitud.

Presentadora: Alejandra Sainz- Farm Labor Program Specialist, Dept of Labor,  Wage and Hour, National Farm Labor Certifcate Processing


Take a 15-minute break after a morning full of expert analyses and insights and bring lunch to enjoy with our premier keynote speaker.


Can Good Ag Labor Policy be Good Politics?

And Other Riddles from the 20 Year Quest for Reform

Presentado con interpretación simultánea

Capable labor, like water, is a resource it’s hard to farm without. But, the dysfunction of our immigration and visa system remains an unresolved challenge for agricultural employers. This presentation will reflect briefly on where we’ve been/what we have learned, how our workforce and politics have changed, where we might be headed, and what this all means for growers and labor providers.

Keynote Speaker

Craig Regelbrugge- Executive Vice President, American Hort


Managing Overtime & Labor Shortages

With a 40-hour work week just around the corner, how can you adjust and compensate to remain effective and competitive with the economy is facing a significant labor shortage? This session will review different strategies to manage the new overtime pay requirements and challenges presented by a tight labor market.

Presenter: Erica Rosasco- Partner, McKague Rosasco LLP


Managing Field Access & Agency Inspections

What happens when a government agency inspector arrives on property? Can you deny or delay access? What about politicians or members of the media? Do your employees and field staff know what to do? Get expert answers to these questions through this session and understand your rights and how to best manage access and audit requests.

Presenter: Patrick Moody- Shareholder, Barsamian & Moody

  2:30-3:00pm Happy Half-Hour Q&A

Join the CFLCA Board of Directors Executive Committee for a Happy Half-Hour to discuss what the future looks like for the California ag labor community. What is the Association doing to make farm labor contracting a positive, lucrative, and safe profession? Where are we going and how are we responding to the key issues?

Nigel Bocanegra- Executive Director, CFLCA

Jeff Wenger- Vice President and Risk & Compliance Manager, HNRG

Peter Nissen- President, Nissen Vineyard Services

Laurie Van Dyk- President, Cadena Ag Services

Blanca Wright- CFO, Renteria Vineyard Management, LLC

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