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2021 CA Farm Labor Contractor

Political Action Committee (PAC) Donations

The California Farm Labor Contractor Political Action Committee (PAC) was created in 2018 and supports candidates seeking public office on the state and federal levels that favor the causes of FLCs and the constituency that we serve. By contributing to our PAC, you will be working to promote the voice of our industry. Please consider making a donation in whatever amount most appropriate for you and your budget.

Our PAC's top priorities for 2021 include:

  • Increase PAC funds to enhance FLC voice in future election campaigns
  • Identify state legislative proposals of impact to agricultural labor management
  • Identify state legislators supportive of agribusiness community and issues
  • Identify and support potential candidates to support in 2022 elections

The CA FLC PAC's success depends on the continuous generosity of its donors. The more contributions, the stronger the PAC and more effective we are in Sacramento and Washington DC. In order to move the needle in our favor, we must continually maintain our contacts, reach out to new candidates and provide updated awareness of our issues. All donations are voluntary and recognized in CFLCA publications. Make a donation today! 

The CA FLC PAC is managed by a sub-committee of the CFLCA Board of Directors. Committee members consider a wide range of issues and candidates. If you are a CFLCA member and would like to join the CA FLC PAC Committee, please contact Chair Peter Nissen by clicking here.      CA Farm Labor Contractor EIN# 85-5352307

Please call us at 916-389-1246 if you have questions or would like to

donate in a different amount than listed below. Thank you!

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