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Coronavirus Resources

CFLCA Community -- This page is an assortment of information extracted from various organizations and government agencies regarding the COVID-19 virus. We will do our best to provide you with the most recent and updated information available. Data is swift-moving therefore modifications will be made on a daily basis. 

We advise you consult with your attorney when necessary. Let us know if there are other resources that you would like added to this page. 

FLC Certification Renewal -- Due to shelter-in-place mandates, the U.S. Dept. of Labor's Wage and Hour Division is open, but is processing applications remotely. Therefore, no drop-off applications are currently accepted. Mail in applications, amendments or requests. 

Resources You Can Use

  • UC Davis truck training on Covid-19 in English here  Spanish here
  • UC Davis Agriculture Work Site Checklist in English here  Spanish here
Downloadable Posters/Signs
  • Alternative gloves for handling pesticides during coronavirus pandemic here
  • Symptoms of Coronavirus here
  • Essential Do's and Don'ts of COVID for workers and employers here

Alternative Funding Programs

  • CFLCA Cares Act and PPP: What Ag Employers Need to Know! Webinar -- Power Point presentation here
  • Federal Cares Act -- Payroll Protection Program and Economic Disaster Loans -- Click here
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce Emergency Loans Small Business Guide here
  • PPP Expense Tracker Template here (Source: Renteria Vineyard Management)

General Resources

  • Families First Coronavirus Response Act here
  • USDA  Resources Guide for Agriculture -- Click here
  • California Department of Food and Agriculture Resources for Food and Ag -- Click here
  • California State Coronavirus Website here 
  • California Governor Directive to Fight COVID-19 here
  • UC Davis COVID-19 Resources for Ag here
  • Zenith Agribusiness Solutions COVID-19 Resources here

Recursos EspaƱoles

Employer Responsibilities & Resources

  • Cal/OSHA Infection Prevention in English is here  in Spanish is here
  • Department of Labor Guidance for Preparing Workplaces here   FAQs on Laws for Employers here
  • Cal/OSHA Guidance on Requirements to Protect Workers here
  • Employer Guidance on coronavirus management here (Barsmanian and Moody) 
  • School and childcare closure issues here (Barsmanian and Moody) 
  • Guidance for safetely harvesting here
  • Employee travel to and from work letter here (Barsmanian and Moody) 
  • Social distancing guidelines in English here   In Spanish here
  • Recommendations for cloth face coverings here

Employee Tools and Rights

  • US Dept. of Labor -- Employee Rights English here   Spanish here
  • EDD Pandemic Unemployment Assistance here
  • FELS Protect Yourself Protect Your Family here (English and Spanish) 

Worker Health and Safety Resources

  • Decontamination and Reuse of Filtering Facepiece Respirators here
  • Protecting Workers from COVID-19 (UCLA) English Page 1  Page 2   Spanish Page 1 Page 2
  • Guidance from CDC for Meat and Poultry Processing workers here

Workplace Preparation & Sick Employee Guidelines

  • CDC Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Respond to COVID-19 here
  • CDC Recommendations for cleaning and disinfection here
  • EPA Recommended disinfectants for use against coronavirus here

Wage and Hour and Leave Issues

  • US Department Labor Guidance on Sick Leave and Expanded Family Medical Leave here  Question and Answers here

H2-A and Border Issues

  • Essential travel to and from Mexico order here

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