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How Do I Become a Licensed Farm Labor Contractor in California?

The Department of Labor Standards Enforcement of DIR issues licenses for Farm Labor Contractors. This can be quite a process which includes taking a 9-hour continuing education class (CFLCA offers these seminars across the state).

The DLSE has a website with all the information you need, including the online application process. Click here to view this information.

Membership in CFLCA will also help you navigate the industry and provide you with much needed resources and information.

FLC Contractors Application Instructions and Checklist

NOTE: Applicants may need the following during the completion of the application. Click the above link for detailed information about the process. 

  • To have registered with the federal government as a farm labor contractor and received a federal registration certificate
  • Take and pass the farm labor contractor exam (once every two years)
  • Have 2 current passport photos taken for the sole proprietor, for one member of an LLC/corporation, or for EACH partner in a partnership
  • Have the sole proprietor or member of an LLC/corporation, or each partner get his/her fingerprints taken at a LiveScan facility
  • Obtain workers' compensation and also obtain a FLC bond in the appropriate amount or bond continuation (for renewals)
  • The applicant must participate in at least nine hours of relevant education classes for each license period
  • Renewal applicants must have registered in each county to which the applicant will dispatch workers
  • The sole proprietor, or each officer of a corporation/LLC or each member of a partnership must fill out a sexual harassment disclosure statement
  • Corporations/LLCs will need to provide copies of their articles of incorporation statements of information.
  • Have a complete list of all materials or resources used when providing sexual harassment prevention training to agricultural employees in the calendar year prior to the month the application is submitted (for renewals)

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