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Children of CA FLC Farm Workers -- Annual Scholarship Opportunity

Each year, CFLCA is proud to support the growth and development of the next generation by providing college scholarships specifically for students who are the children of California FLC-employed farm workers.

Since 2016, we have distributed over $180,000 in scholarship funds. Applications must be postmarked or received by June 12, 2020

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Thank you to all of CFLCA members and supporters for helping me accomplish my dreams. The CFLCA Farm Worker Scholarship has allowed me to attend and graduate from Grand Canyon University with my Bachelors Degree in Science in Nursing.

I am officially a registered nurse, working in the hospitals helping the community during this difficult time, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Your contribution and support goes a long way and truly impacts a students life.

Thank you,

Francisco Solis

Congratulations to our 

2019 Scholarship Recipients!

Andrea Abril Marin Contreras -- $2,000 CSU Fresno

Julio Cesar Garcia -- $2,000 SF State

Monica Robles -- $2,000 CA Lutheran

Francisco Javier Solis Valdez -- $2,000 Grand Canyon University

Sabrina Martinez Hernandez -- $2,000 CSU Fresno

Annamaria Avila -- $2,000 UC Davis

Dayanara De Leon -- $2,000 CSU Fresno

Ashley Monique Hererra-Valasco -- $2,000 CSU Fresno

Jaquelin Monroy -- $2,000 CSU Fresno

Jessica Licet Azmudio Perez -- $2,000 Napa Valley College

Kimberlina Santos -- $2,000 CSU East Bay

Valeria Jacquelyn Reyes -- $2,000 CSU Fresno

Monica Cordova -- $2,000 UC Santa Barbara

Guadalupe Rosario Longino Mendoza -- $1,000 CSU Sacramento

Paola Martinez -- $1,000 UC Irvine

Arelis Marlem Clemente -- $1,000 Loyola Marymount University

Jacqueline Paola Longino Mendoza -- $1,000 CSU Sacramento

Yovani Munoz -- $1,000 CSU Fresno

Miriam Susana Garcia Cendejas -- $1,000 CSU Monterrey Bay

Christian Hernandez -- $1,000 Cal Poly SLO

Katherine Paola Ismalej Santos -- $1,000 CSU Fresno

Alina Cecillia Lemos -- $1,000 CSU Fresno

Aaron Hernandez -- $1,000 Cal Poly Pomona

Alexys Airian Bautista - $1,000 Chico State

Jacqueline Campos Ledezma $1,000 CSU Fresno

Karina Aguilar -- $1,000 CSU Fresno

Cindy Canela Ruiz -- $1,000 CSU Sacramento

Carlos Garcia -- $1,000 Hartnell

Jaimie Raymundo -- $1,000 CSU Fresno

You Can Feel Good About Making a Donation to Our Scholarship Fund!

Help us send the children of CA FLC farm workers to college

Make a donation by credit card

Click here to donate (MCCNC*)

Make sure where it says, "Special instructions to seller,"  to include "CFLCA Farmworker Scholarship Fund"

Make a donation by check

Make payable to: MCCNC-CFLCA Scholarship

Mail to: CFLCA, 1908 S Street, #101-246, Sacramento  CA 95811

Participate In or Donate To Our Virtual Silent Auction (second week in June!)

If you have a service, gift certificate, vacation destination or gift that you want to donate to our upcoming virtual silent auction to benefit the scholarship fund, please contact Jan here. Thank you!

*Mexican Cultural Center of Northern California (MCCNC) is a 501(c)3 and serves as the fiscal agent for CFLCA's scholarship fund. Their federal taxpayer ID #68-0295431

Thank You!

2020 Scholarship Donors

Greg Anderson

Bella Vista Farming & Keith Brandt

Erica Buriss

Dominguez Grove

Francisco & Maria Hernandez

Javier Hernandez

Marian Kress

Monarch Farming & Tim McIntyre

Peter Nissen of Nissen Vineyards

Oscar Ramos of OFR, Inc.

Mary Sansom

Kevin P Steward

Guadalupe Sandoval

Jeff Wenger

Jan Whitney

Blanca Wright

Zenith Insurance Company

Silent Auction Donations

Ag Health Benefits

Marian Kress

Peter Nissen Vineyard Management

Ramos Torres Winery

Terro D'Oro Winery

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