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CFLCA Affiliated Company Sponsors and Members

Ag and FLC Service Providers

Please consider using the following service providers as your business partners.

Each contributes to the success and advancement of CFLCA's initiatives and services

* CFLCA Annual Sponsor

Ag Attorneys Here

  • McKague Rosasco* 
  • Barsmanian and Moody
  • Deason Law
  • Patane Gumberg Avila, LLP

Financial Institutions Here

  • California Agribusiness Credit Union
  • InterMex 

Industry Contributors Here

  • Bravo Ag Group*
  • Proteus, Inc. 

Interpreting Services Here

  • Translate by Rose, LLC

Insurance Companies Here

  • DLL Insurance Agency* 
  • Paramount*
  • The Zenith* 
  • Ag Health Benefits 
  • AmeriTrust Group, Inc.
  • Barkley, an Alera Insurance Agency 
  • Interwest Insurance 
  • McClements Insurance Services
  • Relation Insurance 

Technology Companies Here

  • Datatech* 
  • AgData
  • Direct Monitoring and Compliance 
  • FieldClock LLC 
  • KipTraq Software 
  • Pack List Pro 

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